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Bavaria Classics is a family run business specialising in Parts & Accessories for Classic German Cars & Motorcycles. Our business was born out of a love (OK; obsession) for all things German that run on Petrol - Straight Six, Flat 6, V8, V12 and Flat Twins. 

As well as an extensive range of E32, E34, E38 & E39 parts, we have access to probably the largest stock of BMW E31 8 Series Parts on the planet; this together with a lifetime of BMW ownership puts us in an ideal position to help you keep real pre bangle bimmers running like the ultimate driving machines they are.

We're always happy to help, even if you just want some diagnostic help or a good old natter about cars. Feel free to call or email at any time: andy@bavariaclassics.com | 07870 992 347 (Andy).

We have many customers all over the world and over the years we have built up some excelent relationships with shipping companies, so we can always offer excellent rates; even on the largest of items. All items listed on the site will have international shipping rates but because of the huge difference in weight and size between our products, its always best to contact us for a more accurate quote.